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Emo (emotional English abbreviation) is a genre of music derived from the. The term was originally given to the bands of the punk scene in Washington, DC that comprised a lyricism more emotional than usual. There are several versions that try to explain the origin of the term “emo, as a fan would have screamed “You re ´ emo! (You’re emo!) for a band (the myth vary widely as the band in question, being probably the Embrace or the Rites of Spring).
However, the most accepted version as real is that the name was created by alternative publications like the fanzine Maximum RocknRoll and skateboarding magazine Thrasher to describe the new generation of bands of emotional hardcore that appeared in the middle of the years 80, headed by record label Dischord bands of Washington DC, as the already mentioned Embrace and Rites of Spring In addition to Gray Matter, Dag Nasty and Fire Party.
The genre (or at least the classic style of Washington, DC sound) first explored by bands such as Faith, Rites of Spring and Embrace has its roots in punk rock. The next step in the evolution of the genre came in 1982 and lasted until 1993 with the bandIndian Summer, Moss Icon, Policy of Three, Still Life and Ship Forge
The dynamic calm/screamed (quiet/loud) frequently heard on recent bands such as Seatia and Thursday had their roots in these bands. With respect to voice, these bands have stepped up the emocore style penteados para madrinhas.
Many of them have always made use of yelling and screaming during the presentation, and reason for many fans of hardcore emo fans dismiss as soft ¹ (wimps, weaklings). So how was infused a new intensity to the emocore, emotional hardcore took that intensity to an extreme level.
The scene began between 1991 and 1992 with Heroin, Portraits of Past and Antioch Arrow that playeda chaotic style, with abrasive vocals and passionate.
In Brazil, the genre established itself under heavy American influence in mid-2003, in the city of São Paulo [citation needed], spreading to other capitals of the South and Southeast, and influenced a teenage fashion characterized not only by music but also by the usually emotional behavior and tolerant, and also by the visual, which isusually in black costumes Striped costumes, Mad Rats, colored hair and fringes drooping over his eyes.